General Health Coaching - Contact Form

MOTIVATION: Why do you want to train harder than ever before? Why do you want to work with me? What do you bring to the table? Why would I be excited to work with you (no offense, but I do not want to work with anyone I am not excited about working with - if you bring a work ethic and a good vibe, this should be a smooth experience)

What is your main expectation working with me? What do you want to accomplish?

NUTRITION/SUPPLEMENTATION EXPECTATIONS: I don't do trendy nutritional approaches. I have keto clients, vegan clients, high carb clients, paleo clients, it doesn't matter. We will find what works for you and your lifestyle, and we'll execute upon it. My nutrition plans are 100% custom to your needs. The start point to all diets though is an educated guess, at best. In my case hopefully a “very educated guess," That start point is based on base info your provide me, as well as starting body composition and goals. I do not make clients “fit” to my diet when something else could work better. Often we will start here and I will make suggestion/tweaks and improvements from the data collected at that point moving forward. The longer we work together, the better we will fine tune what works best. Are you able to be committed and consistent with nutritional guidelines I provide? Consistency is a requirement. What is your monthly budget for supplements?

List me a few different dates and time windows this week that would work for a phone call from me to discuss my services, team, and what you're looking for? This should only take about ten minutes: Please list times in EST, as that is where my home base is located and most calls will be completed from

What my services include:

Consultant - my greatest value is in a consulting role. Programming, nutrition, etc, are all great, but the most value comes from texting questions, video, etc. Constant feedback about your specific exercise execution and workouts will provide the most value.
Truly custom training plans (tailored to all your specific priorities). The specifics of the training info I provide depends on what you need from me. I'll break down the intensity variables I want controlled, how I want things executed, and exactly what I want you doing in order to achieve the best and fastest results in your training. You have never trained like this before, I assure you - but its up to you to push yourself where the plan wants you to go.
Video movement analysis, as execution is priority number 1. If you need feedback or help with a movement, send me video for analysis.
Custom nutrition and supplementation plans. Updated as often as needed (based on weekly check-ins, daily feedback, and a few other feedback tools/questionnaires I use). I have had clients that I only make 2-3 changes their entire prep. I have some client by the end of prep we are making changes every day. It is all based on individual needs.
If exogenous supplementation is an interest, we will discuss and plan that out for you.
Scheduled weekly check-ins and bio-feedback assessment Email and phone support.
All clients and I communicate via "WhatsApp" where you will send your check ins and all communication will be done through here. I typically send voice or video chats back to clients each week. For renewal, new programming, or referencing needs those will be done via email if/when needed.
“Peak week” plans and “on call support”. When I have athletes competing starting a few days out from show date, I keep my phone on me 24/7 and even let people I'm training know I could be needed at any moment to make adjustments.
Custom cardio plans tailored and periodized in line with your training, nutrition and current training phase.
Team support. You don't get just me. I don't have every answer. If I do not have the answer, I will get it from a relationship within the industry. If it is more complicated than that, I will refer out.