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Contest Prep Coaching - 12 Weeks

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We will oversee all of your needs from now until show day to ensure you're ready and well-tuned for the opportunity to step on stage

I only want SERIOUS individuals who are determined and disciplined!


Contest prep includes:

-Weekly check ins for off-season and multiple time per week check ins in prep

-Nutrition programming that we deem best for you and your prep. I prefer prep clients on a Strict Meal plan, but we can be flexible here based on your adherence

-My goal is going to be to raise your metabolic and hormonal function as high as possible before prep to ensure that our prep is steady and fruitful

-Supplementation and advanced supplementation can be discussed for whatever we deem best for your goals. Pre-prep bloodwork is ideal, but not mandatory unless I deem there is an issue

-Workout programming based on building a well-rounded and strong physique

You will be pushed, and you will love the end result... we like trophies around here, so let's go earn some more